How we get to 40%

Our approach is hands-on. We have five clearly defined phases, which we tackle in a simple, transparent and focused way. We take smart shortcuts, and always think and act like a start-up, with you as a founding partner. The final result is a successful product with paying users and motivated team members who are able to keep growing and growing.

To forty in 5 steps


A problem worth solving

During the first phase we research and validate what the problems are that people experience, in an area your organisation can help with. Which target groups and problems are the most interesting? We take the problems with the greatest opportunities for your organisation as a starting point.


Gets the job done

During the second phase we use ideation to explore how we can solve the problem and start thinking about the revenue model behind the product. We test with potential users to see whether our idea is a good solution for the chosen problem.


A first market attempt

During the third phase we work out the prototype of our concept in greater detail. It will not be fully functional yet, but is convincing enough to validate the purchase intentions of potential users in the market.


Running a small business

During the forth phase we run a pilot. With an MVP we are able to go beyond the intentions of users, and look at actual behaviour. This way we discover how people use the product, whether they will pay for it and whether we are able to provide it.


Towards 40%

After the pilot, we allow the product to keep growing and work towards the 40%: the percentage of people that says that your product has become indispensable in their daily lives and the proof that your product is ready to scale up.

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