Reducing queues for online order pickups

In partnership with HEMA's Innovation Lab we are working towards the best possible use of digital technology to improve the in-store experience.
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Running a pilot to see the product in the hands of our first users.


Validated problem, target group & solution; concept design;

Bigger picture

Digital technology can be a strong driver for the role of a retail store. We want to combine the convenience and service of digital touchpoints with the convenience and availability of local stores. One of the first steps is to create frictionless experiences for picking up online orders in local stores.

How can we turn picking up online orders in-store into a frictionless experience?


Which problem did we focus on?

We began to discover the problem by taking a deep-dive into the context and interviewing employees and customers onsite at HEMA stores. What emerged is that employees find it difficult to help the customer, while the customers were often confused and annoyed about the waiting time. This then led to a strategy for both shoppers and staff.

What solutions did we think of?

In partnership, the team designed multiple concepts that were tested for their efficacy. Some concepts were more incremental, improving HEMA’s current Click & Collect service, while others were more radical, reimagining the whole experience. For the test, we incorporated both sides in the prototype, allowing us to see the most desirable outcome.

How did the market respond to our solution?

The tests showed that the strongest concept was one that empowers employees: the dashboard. This solution was developed in the delivery phase. We launched a test in five HEMA stores and improved the design of the dashboard with our learnings. HEMA is now developing a minimum viable product that will be piloted at selected locations.

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