Equipping store employees for a future of more local distribution

Together with HEMA’s Digital Innovation Lab we responded to a growing demand for local distribution by empowering store employees in their order picking tasks.
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We are currently developing a store application for pilot testing.


validated problem &. solution; concept design; prototype


In 6 weeks we went from problem definition to a validated solution.

Bigger picture

Digital technology is one of the main drivers of success in retail. The numerous HEMA-stores throughout the country can be very well used as local pickup-points for online orders. If every store is treated as a local distribution center, HEMA can shorten delivery times for online orders and reduce costs and emissions.

How can we make order picking for retail employees easier so that it can be done at a higher frequency?


Which problem did we focus on?

Through observations, interviews and journey mapping exercises related to order picking in HEMA stores we found that employees perform many aspects of the process manually, like identifying the order contents and their location in the store. This process can be done more efficiently.

What solutions did we think of?

After testing several concepts as a possible solution, the idea of a simple application for employees was the one that stuck. The application would support employees in processing orders, locating the products in a store and reordering products that are somehow out of stock.

How did the market respond to our solution?

We tested a prototype of the application together with employees in several HEMA-stores. Employees were incredibly enthusiastic about the design because it allowed them to save valuable time that they can now spend on helping other customers in the store.

How did the test with our MVP turn out?

At this point we are developing an MVP that store employees can use autonomously.

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