Tackling charger squatting through behaviour change

Together with our Lightbase colleagues we explored the world of electric vehicle (EV) driving to search for ways to use charging points more optimally.
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We are currently exploring a potential partnership with a large European energy company, to see if we can collaborate on running a pilot to test our solution.


Validated problem; validated target group; validated solution; landing page prototype; proof of purchase intent


We went from discovering the EV-market to validating our solution in less than 4 weeks.

Bigger picture

The steadily growing number of EV drivers comes with a growing demand for charging points as well. However, new charging points have their price and come at the expense of regular parking spots. In most cases, installing new charging points is unnecessary as the existing charging points are not used efficiently due to charger squatting. More often than not fully charged EV’s are occupying charging points while other EV’s are waiting for a spot.

How can we change the squatting behaviour of electric vehicle drivers at public charging points and company parking lots?


Which problem did we focus on?

To narrow down the problems, we decided to focus on companies as a stakeholder first. As companies are stimulating electric driving, the demand for charging points on their parking lots is increasing as well. However, charger squatting is a significant problem in these parking lots as well. EV owners are often unaware that they are needlessly occupying a charging point. It might also be a challenge to move their car during a busy workday and regular parking spots might not even be available.

What solutions did we think of?

Companies are using WhatsApp groups to create awareness amongst EV-drivers regarding the availability of charging points. However, these groups often distract people from their jobs and they tend to be quite chaotic and subjective. To avoid distraction, we designed a solution that puts the charging point itself in charge of all communications. An app notifies drivers about the charging status of their EV and the availability of and demand for charging points at any given moment. Leaderboards should incentify positive follow-up behavior.

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