Designing a decentralized and secure e-ID platform

Together with SIDN, we’ve designed a proposition for IRMA, a newly developed electronic identification platform for service organisations.
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We’ve created and validated a new proposition that SIDN is now using to attract new clients.


validated problem; validated target group; validated problem-solution fit


In a timeframe of 4 weeks, we worked towards a problem-solution fit.

Bigger picture

The market for e-ID’s (electronic identification) is demanding a higher focus on privacy and security. IRMA is a decentralized e-ID service that allows users to decide which parts of information they are willing to share. SIDN is looking to increase the use of their IRMA-technology, by offering service-organisations access to the IRMA-service in an easy and secure way.

How can we design a proposition that fits the problems of our target group?


Which problem did we focus on?

This project started off with an opportunity or solution, that was missing a clear problem and target audience. SIDN developed a decentralized e-ID platform that gives its users the freedom to choose what personal information they are willing to share with service organisations. However, this value proposition was mostly based on hypotheses. To figure out whether the platform would serve an actual need and target audience we interviewed people from the semi-public sector and solution suppliers. The outcomes showed that they were mostly concerned about the privacy and security of their data.

What solutions did we come up with?

Based on the insights from our interviews with potential customers we reshaped our initial Lean Canvas. This helped us define an initial value proposition for the customer. This value proposition was iteratively tested and reshaped using lean experiments. Eventually we landed on a single value proposition that was translated into the communications about IRMA on the SIDN website.

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