Growth strategy

You have tested your proposition on a small scale, but how do you introduce your proposition to the market and grow its market demand? In the time span of 2 months or more we will work our way to 40%.

Finding proof of scale

Once you have proof that you’re onto something good, the next step is to grow your business and turn it into something great! Your specialists and our specialists will form a so-called growth team. Together we will design and run weekly experiments to grow your customer base.


Design, build, learn, repeat

First we design, build and launch a minimal version of your new product or service (MPV). This time we make sure to integrate is with the systems of your business. Starting with this basis we'll do weekly experiments based on marketing and sales. This will help us find your 'engine of growth': the driver that will help you achieve sustainable growth. Once you have a solid customer base and 40% of it says that your product or service has become indispensable in their lives, we have reached our ultimate goal: we have found our product-market fit.

Deliverables: proof of scale; scalable product or service; paying customers

Bringing the local market to the customer's doorstep

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Why would you strategize for growth with us?

We love quick and dirty

It takes some trial and error before your find your engine of growth. Luckily we love experimentation. With our creative, techy and entrepreneurial minds we can come up with new tests to grow your business. We’ll give ourselves about two months in which we'll do a new experiment every single week. This way we’ll find the holy grail as soon as possible.

We work in multidisciplinary teams

We are very creative, but we can't do it all by ourselves. Diverse teams perform better: the more variety in knowledge and experience, the more and faster we’ll learn. When we take all the individual perspectives from your team and combine them with ours, we'll set ourselves up for success in our quest for scalability.

We are generalists

The expertise of the people on our team reaches further than our job titles. Our experience varies from product design and business management to marketing and sales. Together we are well equipped to deliver business growth.


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