Proposition design

You came up with a great idea, but how do you know if it will be that new innovation that everyone will be queuing up for? In a three-week period we will work our way from a problem definition towards a proposition with validated purchase intent.

Finding proof of purchase intent

Innovation is all about uncertainty. And the chances of new ideas growing into successful products or services go hand in hand with how you manage these uncertainties. Our innovation approach is designed to get a grip on risks and work towards a validated proposition through three major phases.


Find a problem worth solving

First, we define an initial scope. Then we do research to validate what problems people experience. Which target groups and problems are the most interesting? Do we expect to turn these problems into a viable business? We take the problems with the greatest business opportunities for your organisation as a starting point.

Deliverables: validated problem; validated target group


Get the job done

Now we get creative. In ideation sessions we come up new products or services. Then we select and test one or more concepts with potential users. If the solution fits the chosen problem we will start thinking about the revenue model and cost structure behind the solution.

Deliverables: validated solution


Make a first market attempt

In the last stage of our proposition design we work out a prototype of our concept in greater detail. It will not be fully functional yet, but convincing enough to validate the purchase intentions of potential customers in the market through experiments.

Deliverables: concept design and/or landing page prototype; proof of purchase intent

Reducing queues for online order pickups

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Why would you design a proposition with us?

We promise quick result

Many new products fail in the market. That’s why it’s essential to find out whether you are doing the right thing as quickly as possible. And with minimal investments. In a 3-week period we can bring an opportunity to life and get a good sense of its potential to become a success.

We act like co-founders, not consultants

The best way to lift opportunities off the ground is to do it collaboratively. Innovation is a team sport and it’d be foolish to think that we know your business better than you do. Our team and your team will act as one, so that they can learn from one another and reach the best results.

We are go-getters

We love immersing ourselves in new contexts. It helps us understand new domains, target groups and problems that need fixing. It also shows us where we can make a difference. Forty always keeps an eye out for opportunities to initiate new propositions with current and new partners.


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