Venture building

How do you find out whether you are able to serve your early innovators and build a solid customer base? In a period of 1 to 2 months we will develop a minimal version of your proposition (MVP) and test it to see if enough customers are willing to pay for it.

Finding proof of growth

It is very risky to make big investments without having some sense of its potential to become successful. Before you build and run a full-scale business, it is important to first test a minimal version of it. Designing, building and launching an MVP will allow us to go beyond the intentions of users, and look at actual behaviour.


Design, build and test your MVP

Based on the riskiest assumptions we define which features are included in the MVP. Then we design and build it so that it can be tested in a pre-defined context. What is the easiest way to build a stand-alone product? Will people actually pay for it? Are we capable of retaining and growing a customer base? By the end of a pilot we will also have a sense of the technical feasibility of your solution and the profit margin. If the results of the pilot show significant potential for market demand, you can start thinking about growing your product or service.

Deliverables: proof of growth; validated MVP; validated business case

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Why would you build a venture with us?

We move fast

The essence of running a small business is that we keep things small. We boil a product or service down to its core and build a stand-alone version of it in 1 to 2 months. In this stage we work around integration with existing systems, so that we can start testing as quickly as possible.

We work closely with you

We know how to design and build an MVP, but we always make sure to do a feasibility check with the knowledge experts from your team. If a pilot turns out to be successful, we would ideally build further upon the MVP. And it would be a shame to test something that cannot be integrated eventually.

We are all-rounders

From strategy to back-end development and everything in between. Our team of generalists will do it all when given the opportunity. Depending on what we want to accomplish we can adjust the composition of the team.


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