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We are an innovation studio. A team of innovation strategists, service designers and developers. We are creatives and entrepreneurs and we love getting our hands dirty. So what brought us together? A passion for co-creating meaningful and usable products and services that last.

How we get to 40%

We offer 3 types of services that together cover the entire innovation journey. Together with you we will go from a clear problem definition all the way to a full-scale operational product or service. And we won’t stop until 40% of your customers say that your product has become indispensable in their daily lives. Because that means that you’ve proven that your product is ready to scale and become successful.

Finding proof of purchase intent

Proposition design

We will research and find a problem worth solving. Then we will transform it into a product or service. And once we have found a problem-solution fit we will do a simulation to see if the target group is willing to pay for your product or service.

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Finding proof of growth

Venture building

Before you make any big investments you might want to know whether your new product or service has enough market potential and whether it can be built. To test this, we will develop a minimal version of your product or service and run a pilot. In just a matter of weeks you will know how it might perform in the market.

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Finding proof of scale

Growth strategy

Proving that you can run a small business with your early innovators is one thing, but making it work on a bigger scale and making a true impact of sorts is another cup of tea. Together with you we will launch your new product or service and grow it until 40% of your customers do not want to do without your product.

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Hema case

Our involvement

It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-established multinational or a two-person startup. We love creating scalable products and services and we perform best when we do this together with you. Our promise is that we will always be engaged and committed to working with you, but our degree of involvement is up to you.


In this form of collaboration we get compensated based on the amount of work we do. Depending on how fast you want to get things done, you can adjust the intensity of the team. And if needed we can always add particular specialists to the project.


In this partnership our rates are based on the outcomes of our work. We charge a reduced fee and get a bonus when certain milestones are achieved. We offer this option because we truly believe in the effectiveness of our approach. As entrepreneurs we are willing to take on more responsibility in the project and carry part of the risk for the outcomes.


Aside from working with our clients, we also love starting our own initiatives and collaborating with partners. We don’t only roll up our sleeves together. We also share all the risks and the ownership of our new initiatives.

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